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Paris Gerard, Accessory Purchaser

I see a little bit of everything in my job and all the places I’ve traveled to. But I’d never seen anything like the fake book covers I saw while on a subway in NYC. The one that caught my eye was a picture of a Star of David since I’m Jewish. It looked so pretty and I looked closer. Then I stopped and looked closer. Hilarious! And more spot on than I wanted to admit!!

Brad Nickson, Teacher

I work at an inner city school and tension around there can be high so the teachers all play pranks on each other. All the time. When I found this site I knew I had something no one else had ever thought of. Once you get the covers on a book there’s just no way it could be fake. They are so real. I got the Recycle Diarrhea one for an overly obsessed eco-friendly teacher. Put it in her bookshelf and waited. When the principal found it? Best. Prank. Ever.

Jake Rayder, Frat Guy

These covers rock so hard! They’re hilarious and always get a rise out of people. I leave them around the house just to see what people will say. Some people say nothing and just start giving everybody else the side eye. Other people laugh. I even saw a sign of the cross from one chick who came in. Great purchase!