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Confucious say…

Elevator smell different to midget.

About Us

Our Sick Sense of Humor

The YouTube Video below is what started it all. An awesome comic in NY named Scott came up with a skit to print fake book covers and take them on NY subways to see people’s reactions. I saw the video, reposted it on social media with an off-handed comment about someone needing to turn this into a business cause it’s SOO funny. One of my friends suggested I do it. I said no. Then couldn’t stop thinking about it. Then jumped in with both feet and dragged my best friend into helping with cover ideas. Ta da!

Brief Biography

You can call me the HBIC. I could be a skinny chick in her thirties with long dark hair, an addiction to stilettos and a penchant for dirty humor and not taking the world too seriously.

I could also be a epically large Polynesian widower named, Tiny, trying to raise thirteen children on a pineapple farm.

The internet is full of mystery – so why should this be any different?


Something Super Dirty

As you can probably already tell by this site we here at Bound By Nothing tend to like things on the dirty side.

Not saying this is or isn’t me, but if you’re in the mood for something a little bit dark and a whole lotta naughty –  I hear this girl doesn’t disappoint…

The Video That Started It All

The Video That Started It All